partnership & facilitators

This is the third entry in a series called “Partnering Possibilities,” looking at the role partnership can play in a college ministry.

An important help – and big opportunity – when we choose to partner is the establishment of a new student leader position: “facilitator.” (You can certainly come up with a snazzier name than that if you choose.)

What if, a few years from now, you have a handful of “service partners” that students volunteer with. Maybe there’s a homeless outreach in the city, a nursing home near the school, ESL with international students through an office on campus, a national ministry focused on Justice, and a chance to mentor kids in a nearby school.

For each of these, it would be highly advantageous to have a student leader dedicated to helping that ministry happen.

No, unlike some other student leaders, these facilitators aren’t developing the activities. But they are serving as champions for the ministry within your group, and helping students get connected well. It’s an awesome opportunity for them to go all-out in something they’re passionate about… and it helps your ministry push into service in an awesome way.

I’m using service / outreach as the example again here, and it’s the one where this principle most obviously fits. But this could apply to most partnership opportunities – even if you’re partnering with another campus ministry, and even if some of the organizations are secular.

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