partnering possibilities

One of the “pillars” of my church’s outreach efforts is Partnerships. We nearly always partner with an outside organization to accomplish our corporate city (or global) impact. We’re a big church and could choose to “start things,” but we’d often be recreating what others are successfully doing.

This isn’t an uncommon approach in the world of church outreach ministries, but it seems to be QUITE uncommon in college ministry.

But have you ever considered that partnership might just make sense? Does every piece of a student’s ministry experience need to be created by us “in-house”? Are there areas where we could partner with other campus ministries, ministries / churches in our town, or even non-ministries?

Could some other organizations do certain things better? Could this save us time and effort? Could this lead to great “cross-impact” (when we partner with other Christians) or awesome spiritual conversations (when our partners aren’t believers)?

This week, I’m going to look at some aspects of this (radical) notion. But today, the challenge is simply to brainstorm for yourself: What are others doing – on your town and in your campus – that could allow for participation (instead of replication)?

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