the day after elections

On the campus(es) you serve, politics and last night’s elections may matter a lot. Or they may hardly be a blip on the radar, outside of any student groups devoted to one party or another.

But for college ministers, we have to be ready to respond – whether to a few individuals, or to large groups. Maybe you need to brush up on issues that came to the fore this season: marijuana, for instance.

Or maybe this is a good chance to think about how you can serve your students in two years, when politics is much more likely to be on their minds. At the very least, grab some students and “debrief” in preparation for 2016.

This is one of those areas in which we have to prepare students to live as Christians, for the rest of their lives. But unlike most issues, we don’t have a lot of “teachable moments” on this one. Today, this week – this is an opportunity.

But this is also one of those areas in which we have an opening with the rest of our campuses. Maybe it’s a seminar or a message series or good ways to turn the conversations to good spiritual discussions or simply helping your campus know that Christians can be politically thoughtful and can exhibit a wisdom that they recognize isn’t earthly.

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