a student-led R&D team

Yesterday’s post encouraged us to wait for God to raise up student leaders before starting many of our new projects.

Today’s idea connects with that topic: Could some of your students serve as a “research and development” team, exploring ways your ministry might move forward?

If your ministry is at a point in its life-stage where it has numerous older students who have been around (or even been leading) for awhile, then you might have a small circle of students who would be perfect for serving in this way. This is their chance to make a major impact on both their campus and the college ministry they love.

Of course, you’d have to have some “self-starters” who will explore on their own initiative, since there’s no “weekly gathering” or “big event” to keep them focused.

What are they exploring? Local needs and opportunities, mostly – chances for your ministry to make the biggest possible impact on your campus or in your town. This team could also look for larger-scale causes – ways to get your college ministry involved in national or international impact through various partners. Maybe they also explore some other college ministries, on other campuses, simply to get ideas for other ways to impact.

You might “task” this group with examining some specific avenues to advance the ministry, areas you’ve been considering but haven’t ever quite gotten underway. Or you might simply task them with some actions (to get them started): interview school leaders (both administration and student campus leaders), talk to other college ministries (on your campus) about what they’re seeing, talk to college ministries on other campuses about what they do, prepare a survey, look for “holes” in the campus culture that don’t have a lot of Christian witness already. (If I had to start somewhere, I’d interview school leaders and look for “holes,” but that’s just me.)

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