until He raises them up

Here’s a principle that’s hard to swallow but also could save you some sanity (and ineffectiveness):

Oftentimes we should wait on a project or a ministry team until God raises up leaders under us for that effort.

It’s easy to declare “We’re going to take a mission trip” or “Let’s start a Bible study” or “We need a social media team” – and then spend a lot of time either leading that effort ourselves, or attempting to cobble together students (or adult volunteers) who really aren’t ready to lead.

Of course, sometimes that is a college minister’s job: to create a new effort that he or she feels is the next step for the ministry.

But sometimes we think “Great Idea” = “Next Idea” without leaning on the Lord to provide qualified leadership… in His time. I believe that oftentimes His timing for that project will be revealed by the raising-up of people to lead it. So when that’s the case, we need to be willing to rest easy… even when we’re chomping at the bit.

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