a new year is an opportunity

A couple of weeks ago, I presented a few opportunities around the corner – opportunities we can take if we start planning now. Finals, Winter Break, and the new Semester (or Quarter) approaching all offer chances to impact in unique ways.

But I realized there’s one I left out, and it’s worth thinking about.

College ministers (rightly) consider the semester (or quarter) to be the fundamental division of students’ lives. But our students are also affected by the turn of a new year; many of your students – and many students on your campus – will see 2015 as a chance to “turn the page,” set some goals, or otherwise move forward in their lives.

How could you take advantage of that natural human propensity to treat a new year as a new start? And does this effort have to remain with the students you shepherd, or might others on campus be drawn into a Resolution Revolution, a Year through the Bible, or a Lift-ing in Fif-teen? (Sifting in Fifteen? I dunno – I’m still on vacation. You and your students can come up with some creative hooks, I’m sure.)

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