adding particular to our general

After today’s post, I’ll be on vacation the rest of this week. So I’ll see you next week!

For any of us who teach, here’s a small principle worth working into our teaching style / scheme: Learning can often be “solidified” when we walk through a particular application.

Here’s what I mean.

Perhaps you want to teach your students “Biblical Interpretation.” That’s fantastic – and one of the best things we can teach college students, for a variety of reasons. But would you simply teach the principles, maybe provide a few simple examples, and then move on to your next message series?

How about ending that Interpretation series with a bigger application – spending the evening simply walking through one book of the Bible, using various principles you’ve taught in the previous weeks?

When we teach evangelism, I think we’re quicker to recognize the need for some “on the job training” after the “classroom” stuff. But couldn’t we also do that with other areas? After we teach on Worldviews, students are encouraged to visit a group or interview a friend who has a different worldview from their own. The Book of James has brought up the need to put “legs” to our faith… so we call students to find outlets for service that the whole group might participate in. Or the students themselves provide the application: Maybe your last message in a series is simply a handful of students sharing how they’ve lived it out during the month; that might not be “on the job training” but it’s still a way to get particular with application.

I’m still pondering this one, but if you force yourself to at least consider doing a “deeper application step” ministry-wide for each major teaching, I bet you could come up with some cool stuff. It could happen in the large group, as a special event, in small groups, or even as a short “lab” students are invited to participate in.

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