the delegation list (a fridea)

Here’s a simple idea you could complete in 30 minutes, with fruit that could really change the way you do ministry.

I’m pretty bad at delegation. It’s hard for me to hand over projects – ongoing or otherwise – that I know how to do. This is especially true if I feel like I know how to do something better, or if I’m in a position to know more about the project than someone I might delegate to. Not only do I fear it might get done worse, but I also know that just about any delegation requires time spent training, checking-up, etc.. Ugh.

But that’s dumb on my part. And here’s a Fridea to help you (and me) delegate parts of the ministry.

Prepare a list of ALL actions you do on a regular basis.

I’d start on your computer – because you’re going to think of lots of sub-points for activities, and you’ll need to slide those in between the lines you’ve already typed. It’s not enough to write “Large Group Meeting” or “Organize the yearly concert.” You need the individual components, too.

Once you have that list, your job – well beyond today, of course – is to begin looking for ways to delegate that stuff out. It won’t be easy, but it will be profitable. Don’t think short-run, when you will actually have to do some training, etc.. Don’t think short-run, when – yes – those items won’t be done as well as you might do them.

Think a semester from now, when many of those items are completely off your plate, and done just as well as you would do them.

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