get it on their plate (and out of your daydreams)

You know those areas of your campus ministry you think about changing… and you’ve thought about changing for the past few years? Those special projects that would probably improve things but never quite reach the level of “urgent,” with all the other ministry you have going on? Updating a regular event, reaching a new niche on campus, creating a blockbuster event of some sort, buying a ministry house, “planting” on another campus in town, getting your “local impact” arm up and running, etc., etc., etc..

That’s (yet another) great opportunity to bring student leaders into the process of your ministry.

If you’re already not moving forward (or you’re moving very slowly) on that project, what would it hurt to put one great student (or a team of students) on that job? If they come up with something this semester, great! If not, you’ll be where you started – and they’ll grow as leader-ministers.

Sure, it’s easier said than done. There WILL be some hand-holding and some extra meetings to “check in” and other messiness. But you’ll find a way to fit those things in, since the ball will actually be rolling on this thing you’ve been dreaming about.

And it might actually get done.

P.S. Adult volunteers could do this, too.

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