ebola and things external to campus

Here in Dallas, Ebola is clearly headline news. As a result, my team at church has been taking the opportunity to equip our body – connecting the issue to broader “Outreach” issues, as well as helping individuals and families respond as Christians.

But on the flipside, in the world of collegiate ministry, in the world of your campus, it’s quite possible no one is talking about it at all.

That’s okay as far as it goes, but it highlights something we should be about as college ministers: training our students to see beyond the campus.

Certainly, there are some schools where that is very much the norm; every student has a “take” on every world issue. But in many places, such an awareness is limited to a certain segment of the population. On your campus… or more importantly, in your ministry… how many people know what’s happening “out there”?

Why shouldn’t Christians be “in the know,” at least enough to pray… to engage others in conversation… to participate in classroom discussions… to form opinions that bring the Bible and God’s wisdom into the issues.

We teach prayer and Scripture memory and evangelism as spiritual disciplines; do we likewise push reading the campus newspaper or catching the news roundup online?

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