making room for friendships

This is a very simple “assessment” for your college ministry that will require a little bit of thoughtfulness (and a good dose of honesty!).

Is your college ministry structured in such a way that it encourages the development of solid, spiritual, fun friendships?

Some ministries are. Some aren’t. But it’s important to realize that just having a fun Large Group Meeting or having well-attended small groups does NOT mean friendships are likely to form. Not even big, fun events are automatic “community-builders,” despite what it’s easy to assume.

How ’bout your ministry? Do friendships form? Do they form because you’ve intentionally fostered an environment that helps?


  1. Seth Aldridge

    I’m interested to know how others are guiding students toward spending the time together it takes to for these kinds of friendships to grow.

  2. Food helps. We have the opportunity to provide breakfast. However, we are also intentional to have student leaders talk to new people. So just hanging out.

    Likewise, one of our student leaders plans a fun event once a month. One because student leaders are cooler than me, but two just to build those friendships outside of Sundays. Normally, I’m against just fun, but they need more opportunities these days because they haven’t had as much social interaction as past generations have.

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