send them exploring (a fridea)

The past couple of weeks, I’ve mostly posted on the role “initiative” or “entrepreneurial ministry” can play in our college ministries. Here’s a Fridea to cap off that mini-series.

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of college ministers visiting other college ministries. There’s nothing quite like attending another ministry to stimulate thinking.

But the same holds true for your students – and they may have an easier time “getting away” from your campus (especially if they’re visiting a ministry that meets the same night as yours).

What if you encouraged some of your student leaders to explore other ministries on occasion? It might make the most sense for them to go to other campuses to do that, but honestly either way you could probably arrange it with the other ministry’s director and all would be kosher. (Perhaps they’ll send some students to visit yours, too.)

Any of these sorts of visits will teach your student leaders to be better at welcoming new people, and they’re likely to see some things that stimulate thought, like I said. But for our present purposes (generating new ministry efforts), I’d send students to visit ministries…

  • outside your own organization or denomination
  • at another campus

They shouldn’t just go and attend, of course. They need to look around. Ask questions. Even meet with the college minister or student leaders afterwards. The goal is to spark ideas for your campus and your ministry. (Whether this exploration provides actual methods you can “borrow” or not, the goal is to spur thinking about what would work in your context. Often the best ideas for one ministry are derivations of what someone has seen elsewhere – not all great methods are broadly transferable.)

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