3 riffs on entrepreneurial opportunties

This comes from a post from awhile back, but it fits nicely into my recent discussion of creating an “entrepreneurial” culture within your college ministry. Here are some niches and complementary opportunities that would be perfect for students to help your ministry pioneer.

Niches that seem obvious. Besides athletes, international students, and ethnic-specific ministries (which are fairly well established in our college ministry field), several others come to mind as strong candidates for niche-based ministry at many campuses. These include academic / honors students, apartment-dwellers, specific majors that have particularly stringent workloads (like Architecture), specific majors in which students struggle to see how they can live out their faith (because of busyness or anti-faith sentiments or something else), students drawn to or studying the arts, students who pursue “outdoors activities,” individuals from specific countries (rather than simply working with all internationals), gamers, and Christians considering going into ministry.

Complementary options. Any strength your ministry has could eventually be used to complement other ministry work taking place in town. But some opportunities seem more widespread than others. I wish we’d see more ministries helping with Leadership Training, campus-wide Service, Preparation for life after college, Missions Mobilization, and supporting the particularly academic students – just to name a few options!

Spin-off style. For both complementary and niche-based endeavors that start within a present, full-fledged college ministry, it’s always worth considering whether those efforts should eventually spin off into their own ministries. That’s not always the best plan, but it’s a valid – and sometimes better – option.

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