“exploring” as a student leader position

Last week I wrote a few posts on the role “initiative” plays in your college ministry, and I enjoyed it so much I’m going to keep those discussions going. From getting to know the needs of your campus (or city) to casting a vision for students to Start Things, we have the opportunity to inspire our students to entrepreneurial ministry.

One strategy for formalizing this pursuit is developing Ministry Teams dedicated to exploring ministry avenues. For instance, what if you discover that International Students are an underreached population, and in fact the campus itself would LOVE your help connecting with them?

That’s the perfect opportunity for a handful of student leaders (or potential student leaders) to explore that service avenue. Forming a sort of “Directional Team” for a possible future ministry, those students could spend a semester assessing the need, learning what other ministries have done, and developing next steps for YOUR ministry.

This is an incredible opportunity to show student leaders how ministry often happens in the “real world.” Many of your students will end up at churches that don’t have the panorama of ministries (or strategy) that your college ministry does. But they might just welcome a mature Christian young adult who offers to establish a new outreach. The same is true in their own personal ministry – from getting to know their neighborhood to discovering ways to impact their city, having experience in “exploration” will be powerful.

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