cast a vision for Starting Things

A couple of times this week, I’ve discussed the role students can be (should be!) playing in entrepreneurial efforts within your college ministry.

But while you may have a few students who will do this sort of thing “all on their own” if they sense any freedom at all, there are others – who could be just as great – who won’t do it unless you cast a vision for it. They know about all the present needs, the present ministry teams, the present ways to serve and impact. They’re doing a great job with those. So they won’t start something new… unless you ask them.

As I’ve been involved in ministry now for some 15 years, I’ve realized that “Starting Things” seems to be a role God calls certain people to, and equips them for. And some of your students may be those kinds of God-gifted individuals, ready to help you determine the needs of your campus (spiritual or otherwise), ready to lead some sort of “directional team” to figure things out, and ready to call others to the resulting vision and ministry. They’re Church Planters of the future, but right now they’re in your campus ministry!

You might be surprised who showed up if you held a meeting: “Anybody who would want to help reach new pockets of campus.”

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