recruit your standing army (a fridea)

Generally, a “standing army” shouldn’t need to be recruited all over again. But in the case of college ministry, with its (awkward, let’s face it) 3-month interlude called “Summer,” we may need to remind students of their duties.

In these last couple of weeks, I’ve blogged several times about bridging from the summer into the new school year, and today’s Fridea fits that theme. The idea?

Get in touch with students who have been part of your ministry, and remind them of ways they can help recruit, welcome, and assimilate new students.

If you wait for the first Large Group Meeting, it will be too late – especially for the “recruiting” part. And it might be a little weird to get on stage and – in front of all the freshmen – tell your regulars to “do a good job of welcoming the freshmen.”

But if you can contact students beforehand – or have a pre-start reunion – you can cast the vision once again for being great “hosts.” You can also help them see recruiting for your ministry as part of their “job” – and help them do that in a Kingdom-minded, healthy, non-awkward way. And finally, you can remind them to point new students toward next steps – like any first-of-the-year events, participation in a small group, or signing up for the Fall Retreat… whatever your “next steps” happen to be.

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