don’t forget what you wanted to do better

Last week and this week, several of the posts will offer ideas for “bridging” from the summer into the school year.

A very simple idea, and it may not be one you need. But I know the world – and rhythms – of the college minister. So some of you might need this push!

Very simply: Make sure to review whatever notes, debrief ideas, and brainstorms about this year that you had last year.

This is worth a half-day, even in early-to-mid-August. Find those notes, scattered though they may be, or just spend some time praying and thinking about what exactly you had realized.

It’s easy for college ministries to change very little over time, especially if they’re seeing success. But if we want change to happen, it will require setting aside some time to work through those notes.

Sure, not everything will be “actionable” right at this moment. Put it on your calendar for late September or November or February. But work through those notes now if you can.

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