(re)open some spots (a fridea)

This week and next, several of the posts will provide ways to “bridge” from the summer into the school year.

In terms of what God might do in a student’s life, the summer season may be just as growth-filled – if not more – than any given semester. If that’s true, then wouldn’t we want to complement that growth – if it’s happened – with opportunities to continue growing through service or leadership?

Certainly you’ve seen some students “grow like a weed” across a fall or spring semester. Sure, it’s a little harder to know about such growth when it happens outside of your college ministry’s normal routines. But what if there’s a student right now who’s (finally) ready to take the next step of involvement?

So that’s where this week’s Fridea comes in: Open some spots to volunteer or to lead, for students who are ready for that step.

Of course, this also helps reconnect any students who had to step out of your ministry last year – maybe they studied abroad, or maybe their schedules (like a night class or a job) pulled them out for awhile. Reconnecting those types of students should be a priority.

For both of these categories – students who are truly ready to go deeper and students returning from “afar” – why wait a semester to put them to use, and give them greater ownership?

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