mid-summer mobilization #8: taste and see

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of urging our students to go deeper in involvement through longer-term commitment.

However, we know our students, right? They’re pretty commitment-averse. So if we’re calling them to commit to a small group (for instance), we may have an uphill climb if they’ve never done that sort of thing before.

As a way to balance that out, I think it can be really helpful to provide on-ramps for just about every “level of involvement” we offer. What would this look like?

  • For small groups, it might mean offering a five-week group for anybody new. (This is also fantastic for conveying certain points that you want the entire ministry to know and that will pay off later – like the value of committing for the long-term, or the role of community in someone’s life.)
  • For service, this is where “one-off” opportunities might come in: They provide a great “taste” of service, in hopes that some students will return to that cause or group to serve more.
  • For ministry teams or even leadership, it could mean serving on a short-term leadership team, like a mission trip or big event planning team.

There are other options for each arena, too, but the goal is giving a “taste” that’s true-to-life but also a smaller commitment.

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