crash course(s)

Summer slows down for me a bit, so I’ve had the chance to press forward on the theory and strategy side of my ministry by reading a variety of books. I don’t mind – in fact, I kind of prefer – having multiple books working at once. So it’s been a joy crash-coursing on an important topic for my present work: methods for and philosophy of mobilizing people to serve in the community.

I don’t know what your summer looks like, but here’s one thing I can guess is true: There’s at least one portion of your college ministry which, if you improved during this summer, would truly impact the ministry as a whole.

So the question is, can take the time this summer to make that advance?

Could you take a couple of days, or an hour every day for a couple of weeks, or a retreat, or some other “crash course” to move the ball forward in that area? Sure, a crash course is not the only way to learn – maybe not even the best way. But it can work for certain topics, and college ministers are once again just a month or so from the crazy start of school. So maybe it’s best for college ministers sometimes.

If you HAD to choose something to take a crash course on, what would it be?

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