mid-summer mobilization #5: calendar it

This may be a plenty boring Fridea, but it’s important – and hearkens back to what I wrote on Monday: That only strategy is truly strategic, that unless there’s an element of planning and plotting and tweaking and wisdom-seeking, we can’t really call it strategy.

And so today’s Fridea is part of “doing strategy”: Make a calendar of your “mobilization moves” for the fall.

Because unless our mobilization efforts get scheduled, they’re likely to slip far enough down the priority list that they never happen. (Mobilizing students to greater involvement will probably always feel less exciting than recruiting new students, for instance.)

What are the sorts of things to calendar? The things I’ve mentioned this week, and more:

  • Messages you’ll send to specific groups of students (starting this summer, perhaps!)
  • Times you’ll repeat opportunities to get better involved in the ministry (in announcements, messages, through small group leaders, etc.)
  • Moments when you’ll make involvement opportunities (like small groups or leadership positions) available – and moments you’ll make them available again
  • A selection of “on-ramp” opportunities for different involvement levels – like large group service projects, short-term small groups, or leadership training studies – that you strategically stagger throughout the semester
  • Casting the vision for the ministry as a whole, several times through the year (to create further buy-in)
  • Strategically staggering student testimonies (on-stage, on video, or in print) that share about finding different levels of engagement (from the guy who came to Christ all the way to the girl who’s been leading a small group for two years)

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