mid-summer mobilization #3: repeat repeat repeat

This week, I’m looking at things I’ve learned about the art of mobilization – getting people who are already present to take a next step of involvement.

And one of the most important aspect of mobilization is simply making sure students know those next steps. You already do this in some way, through announcements, emails, etc..

But how often do you repeat those calls to action? Remember, you and your student leaders are the people most committed to your college ministry. You’re also the ones who show up the most! What’s more, you spend hours behind the scenes working on the ministry, working on that very road map of involvement you hope students will follow.

So it goes without saying that you (the college minister) and those main student leaders are more familiar with involvement opportunities than anybody else. By far.

And that gets us in trouble. Because it’s so easy to feel that they’ve heard that opportunity already or that we’re beating a dead horse here. But often, some students haven’t heard. And the ones who have heard aren’t nearly as worried about repetition as you are. All of them need to hear. Again and again and again. (This same issue comes up with casting a vision for our ministry, teaching through the basics, etc.. We have to be willing to repeat, even if we can use different words or illustrations or testimonies or even speakers to do so.)

So repeat yourself! Over and over again throughout the semester, remind your students of the involvement opportunities in front of them. If you don’t feel self-conscious about it, if you’re not feeling like it’s “needless repetition” yet, then you’re probably not saying it enough.

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