mid-summer mobilization #2: targets acquired

One thing I’ve learned about getting people involved is that targeted mobilization can be really valuable – both for a ministry and the people who receive our communications. How much of your communication – from advertisements around campus to the messages sent to those inside your ministry – is shared narrowly instead of broadcast?

For instance, when’s the last time you sent a message specifically to those students who had been part of your ministry for a year or more, but still hadn’t gotten into a small group? Or do you ever tailor your on-campus ads to the dorm they’re posted in, or to specific groups that you’re trying to reach? And this August, why would longtime students read “Welcome to our ministry” when they could get a “Welcome back – here’s how you can go deeper” message?

It’s hard to come up with examples, because I don’t know your specific ministry. But there are two fantastic aspects to targeting our mobilization “pushes”:

  • We can tailor our communication to the audience
  • Our students don’t get as many messages that don’t apply to them

You’re always going to have all-ministry messages out there. But if you can think through ways to target some of your communication, that communication is likely to have a better impact.

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