prep discipleship (some frideas)

Yesterday I noted that we have an excellent disciplemaking platform anytime we’re preparing a message; bringing students alongside us in the process allows a college minister all sorts of explicit and implicit shepherding during that time. The same is true for letting younger students “apprentice” under student leaders or other volunteers, as they too prepare to teach in our Large Group Meeting, in small groups, or at other times.

Expanding on this just a bit (and adding some practicality), I wanted to list some venues AND assignments where this might work well. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive but simply can jumpstart your own brainstorming.

Ways to Involve Students in Teaching Prep

  • A group of students meets weekly as a “teaching prep team” to talk through the teacher’s plans for the Large Group Meeting message
  • A student serves as a research assistant, searching out anything from illustrations to related Bible passages to historical facts for your message or a series
  • Students who have shown aptitude in biblical studies each take a Bible commentary for your upcoming walk through a book of the Bible; they bring to your attention any unique insights or textual difficulties along the way (and learn the text really well in the process)
  • You put students in charge of developing the related resources list, which you offer to students at the end of each message (these shouldn’t just be books, but can be articles, videos, online sermons, etc.)
  • You put students in charge of developing the mid-week discussion questions following the teaching time
  • Students develop and author your small group curriculum
  • If your ministry’s small groups all use the same material or plan, a group of proven students might share their insights with small group leaders before those leaders teach the students under them

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