what cut? (a fridea on monday)

With July 4th coming up this Friday, this week’s Fridea would have been missed for the holiday. But never fear – four days of Frideas are here!

(What’s a Fridea? It’s simply a specific method to try in your college ministry – usually rather straightforward, but not always easy to implement if we’re not willing to think outside the box a little.)

Here’s a thinking challenge (and a “doing challenge”!) as you think about the upcoming school year:

If you had to cut one regular activity from your college ministry, what would it be and why?

If you have staff or student leaders to bounce this off of, this would be a great discussion question – especially if everybody answers before hearing all the other answers.

But this question gets teeth when you follow it up with a rubber-meeting-road inquiry:

So should we? Should we cut this?

…even though it’s well-liked, even though it’s “working,” even though people come?

It’s rarely going to be a hard thing to remove something that isn’t working or that students despise. But great college ministries (like great any-other-organizations) are made by cutting good things (including traditional things) in favor of new, better things.


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