fresh eyes, fresh eyes, fresh eyes

I was the recipient just yesterday of some excellent examples of “wisdom from many counselors.” In those cases, the wisdom hasn’t focused on some grand plans but simply on a few small things I’d written. Yet in both cases, getting people to put “fresh eyes” on my creations was extremely helpful in improving my work.

So since I was reflecting on that assistance, I realized it points to an encouragement we all need: the exhortation to let others take a look at your ministry, with “betterment” in mind.

Summer is a great time for that. And more than lots of other ministry areas, college ministry lends itself to “fresh eyes,” since campuses and even campus organizations can vary so widely. Any college minister can bring an entirely fresh perspective.

So how ’bout it? What if you and another college minister or two made the time to meet up, share the general and specific details of your ministry, and… well, simply notice some things for each other? Ask questions? Dig a little, and constructively critique?

Even remotely, another college minister could easily check out your web page and social media and consider what’s missing, unclear, or simply weird. But what if you went beyond that into divulging specifics of your weekly meeting, community or campus service, small groups, evangelism, and big events? If you took the time to run those buy another campus ministry “pro,” what might they see that you simply haven’t?

I realize this might sound complicated, but perhaps it’s still worth it? Couldn’t it produce something you simply couldn’t on your own? Or maybe you can take this principle of “fresh eyes” and find another way to accomplish it. (You might even get some other ideas from this post.)

(Of course, even the process of delineating these things will help clarify things in your own mind. A bonus!)

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