the planting possibility (a fridea)

It’s been a long time since I’ve discussed this idea, and summertime offers more room to think about something so crazy. So starting from a post from five years ago, here’s the Fridea for this week!

One of the ideas for multiplying collegiate impact I’m most intrigued by involves well-developed college ministries helping “birth” new college ministry work. This, I believe, could be a fantastic alternative to the classic “cold start” model or the “metro” model. (The former refers to simply starting a college ministry in a new location from scratch; the latter model involves using an off-site staff team to coach student-directed ministries in a regional or citywide setting.)

I’ve seen collegiate ministry “planting” take place around the country; while I can’t say it’s prevalent, it’s certainly not unheard of. For instance, when I first posted this idea, I had just gotten to discuss the work the Fargo / Moorhead Chi Alpha group was doing to help restart a ministry up the road at University of North Dakota. Florida State’s Campus Christian Fellowship was working to plant a ministry on a local community college. And I had recently heard about a national “Missional Team” strategy from Cru, which encouraged strong ministries to plant additional Cru “movements.”

In fact, those newly-planted ministries might land on other campuses, but they could also be works on the same campus – an ethnic ministry or international student ministry, for instance, planted by the original, well-established campus ministry.

Even if it’s only a small group, and even if it starts with student leaders who don’t attend school at that college, planting a collegiate ministry presence may offer an amazing chance to impact new students for Christ. In fact, this may be our best shot at engaging “unreached” campus tribes – the scattered, smaller schools that have very little witness for Jesus… that may sit only a few miles from schools with a dozen or more Christian ministries.


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