finding your community, too

A little encouragement that might be easier to apply in summertime…

I spoke to a great college ministry friend last night, and he reminded me of a challenge that I’ve had in my own history of collegiate ministry. It’s the challenge for those who are college ministers – truly missionaries to your campus tribes – to spend the effort investing into community with our own peers.

Are you deeply involved – just as a regular ol’ adult – within your local church? Are there people not involved at all in collegiate ministry, who know you well, encourage you, exhort you, hold you accountable?

My friend seems to have done a good job of developing a church family down in Houston. But like I said, I didn’t always find that while I was giving my heart and soul to developing college ministries. And I know it’s easy to be such a 24/7 college minister – we’re truly missionaries, after all – that we don’t take part with others.

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