a brief why-aren’t-we exercise

I watched the Tonys a little bit with the wife last night, and this rather random thought struck me: I wonder how many college ministries are good at drawing “the Drama Kids”?

I’m sure there are plenty. But that leads to a great question for a summertime Monday:

If we think through the various groups on our campus, which ones are we slow to reach? And why?

Do I think that campus ministries need necessarily to be balanced in their demographics? Nope! But that’s not the point of my question; asking this question will help us imagine what our ministry could be, as well as really getting a better grip on what it is. Maybe it’s not our dream to have “a campus ministry that looks just like our campus”; that’s okay, if that’s not our calling.

But if you’ve never taken a really good look at why different groups aren’t showing up – everybody from residents of certain dorms, to people of various ethnicities, to those who have chosen to study Engineering or Medicine or Theater… then you might have overlooked some needless barriers or some awesome new ways to draw students.

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  1. On the flip side of that, I have worked really hard trying to reach a certain demographic that we weren’t equipped to reach. We had no natural relationships or even anyone from that group in our ministry. It was frustrating, but a great learning experience. I’ve encouraged and equipped those who are already involved in those demographics to see their tennis team or biology department as their mission field.

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