who to eat lunch with this summer (a fridea)

I spent a really fun hour this week chatting with a college minister who’s planning a conference. We talked for most of that time about what I’ve noticed in the dozens of college ministry gatherings I’ve seen; it’s fun brainstorming how to “tweak” a conference to impact attendees in extra-special ways. (I don’t know how many times I used the phrase “scratch where they itch” during our conversation.)

I left one idea (at least) out of our conversation and followed that up with an email. But that idea makes for a handy Fridea, too – not for a conference you might construct, but for something awesome to accomplish this summer. First, the email (with some edits), then the Fridea for this summer…

The idea I was blanking on earlier: Having a professor or chaplain from a university share on the topic of “How college ministers can best support the school” or something like that. I once heard a prof from Vanderbilt share on that at a conference, and it was really encouraging and insightful. Obviously, there will be times we run against the grain of our school’s administration, but being good neighbors / members of the campus community matters – and somebody from the campus would be able to provide tips along those lines.

So what if you (and other local college ministers?) ate lunch with, visited, or otherwise interviewed a few of the administration and faculty members at your campus? This could be a phenomenal weekly or biweekly pursuit this summer, allowing you to connect with a smattering of key campus figures. Not only would it show support for them and their particular objectives, but you really might learn how they see YOU and your ministries… and how, as far as it depends on you, your ministry can be seen as a blessing to your campus.

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