experiencing the fam

My wife and I had the awesome opportunity to visit the headquarters of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, as well as the national offices of UCCF: The Christian Unions. More on those giants in the world of college ministry in the days to come.

But the note for today is that they are indeed college ministers – and therefore, we had something to talk about. Something to reflect on. Great questions to ask of each other, stories to share.

But no need to constantly define terms and explain “what exactly ‘college ministry’ is” or how it’s not just “youth ministry for older kids” or what I mean when I say that collegiate ministry isn’t supported or encouraged like other fields of ministry often are. Not only that, but it’s like we share a secret (maybe a bunch of secrets): that college ministers do, in fact, get to serve at the juncture of people’s lives… at the juncture of the whole world, in a sense… and what we’re involved in is changing so many people’s lives.

Because we all serve in the world of college ministry (“university ministry” is the term they’d most often use), we’re part of a family.

All this to say, I’m reflecting this morning on just how meaningful it was to sit down with a couple of college ministers, and to meet several more. And I hope that’s something you’d consider, too – even if it means taking a meal on your vacation, or taking a road trip across the state, or stopping off to meet someone new the next time you’re driving to a conference.

If you don’t see yourself as part of a very specific family – by being a college minister – than you might need to do this all the more. Because we are, and experiencing that family is a spectacular and encouraging thing.

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