get better at college ministry (an obvious fridea?)

As the summer arrives in your world, I hope it brings with it some clear and focused goals. Maybe you need rest, or some focused time with your spouse or kids. Maybe there are some well-reviewed new Christian books you want to read, or you plan to brainstorm some new methods for your ministry (a new Large Group Meeting format? an evangelism strategy?). Maybe you’ve got a project or two around the house, or a book of the Bible you’re excited to study.

I hope you have that list of goals, or you’ve got a date set to plan those. Even if you have a healthy amount of ministry work during the summer, it’s likely you can cover a lot of ground this summer.

And as you do, among all the other ministry-specific things and life things and spiritual-growth things, I’ve got one request… today’s Fridea: Spend some time this summer purposely growing in the skills and theory of the work you do, collegiate ministry.

We can tinker around with our ministry methods without ever thinking broadly or learning from others about this work we do. And especially when learning / training resources are hard to find in our field, it’s easy to never spend a moment simply getting better at being college ministers, despite that being our call.

Look above at the list I opened with. All of those things may be what you need to accomplish this summer, but none of them involves specifically growing in our calling. Yet there are some books, blogs, conferences, seminary courses, and articles out there that can train you in college ministry and in the skills involved in our day-to-day work. Plus you’ve got the option to learn from people, your best resource for gaining a broad understanding of the world of collegiate work.


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