the annual Draft

This may be a metaphor you wouldn’t expect, but it’s yet another chance for us to connect the excitement of our field with this week’s headlines – never a bad way to encourage your supporters, your overseers, and yourself!

Tomorrow night marks the beginning of this year’s NFL Draft, when ultimately hundreds of recent college students will be chosen for particular professional football teams. Among other significant questions, people are intrigued about what the Houston Texans will do with the very first draft pick, which team will draft Johnny Manziel, which potential superstar their local team is going to snag, and what surprises will come. (There’s even a movie out – Draft Day – about all the strategy and opportunity in the NFL Draft.)

But during the Draft, those player’s colleges are going to be mentioned too. It’s no small thing to have an athlete from your school drafted, obviously, and coaches will begin to use that fact to lure others – high schoolers – to their college. “Do you want to get drafted, son?,” they’ll say, and they’ll point to what happened this week.

Every year our graduating students get drafted. They’re chosen for secular workplaces in our city or across the country. They’re chosen by churches and other ministries. They’re chosen by grad schools, for internships, and for family businesses that hope to keep going strong with the new generation.

It’s not technically your job to ensure they get drafted “high,” in the sense of making the most money or getting the “dream job.”

But your collegiate ministry has a lot to do with how well your students do in those places. Your years of “coaching” are about to pay off… we hope. Maybe it’s better to say that your coaching effects are about to be shown, for good or for bad.

Will they “work unto the Lord”? Will your students live out the gospel among co-workers? Will they view whatever their vocation happens to be as a Christian calling and work accordingly? Will they “be ready to give a defense”? Will others ask them about “the hope that they have,” and will they answer “with gentleness and respect”? Are they putting forth the fruits of the Spirit, which may not be identified by secular employers but are still appreciated, because “against such things there is no law”? Will they be awesome workers, constant pray-ers, great crisis-handlers, respectful employees… all the while also being balanced life-builders?

How is your 2014 Draft going already? And the more important question now: What will you do to make your 2015 Draft better?

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