where will you go; what will you see?

Tomorrow and Friday I get the chance to attend Catalyst Dallas, my fifth-or-so foray into the amazing Catalyst experience. I hope one of its events is on your calendar in the near future, because it really is powerful for motivation, exposure to great ministries, new ideas, and leadership training.

Meanwhile, I’ve got the task of identifying another conference, or – more likely – a model of Local Missions work that me and my team can go visit during the next year. Whether it’s as near as Austin or as far away as Anchorage (probably not Anchorage), it’s worth the investment to observe some other ministries and talk with their leaders.

The same is true for you. Conferences and – better yet – great models of collegiate ministry are incredible ways to do this better. Take it from the guy who has sat down with hundreds of college ministers. Nothing will transform your ministry more.

So what’s on your calendar? If you need some ideas, or the ministries I would suggest visiting in a certain area, feel free to contact me. But however you do it, I encourage you to do it soon!

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