primary possibilities for changing the world

What if one of your main goals was helping students locate their primary possibilities for changing the world?

On Friday, I offered a Fridea for now: Encouraging students to undertake a purposeful growth plan for the summer – one of which could be discerning their own strengths, gifts, and personalities.

But today, a question for the next few years, not just the next few weeks.

Shouldn’t this be one of the key things our students – under our guidance – are “up to” during college? Shouldn’t we see this as a major goal before they graduate? Discovering the ways God has designed them, and linking those to potential service for His Kingdom?

As students better understand their “wiring,” their spiritual gifts, and their strengths – in other words, the nature of the “workmanship” God designed – they’ll be ready to participate in the exact “good works, which God prepared beforehand.”

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