are your students “in on” your mission?

One of my major theses is that college ministers should see themselves as true missionaries to campuses, strategizing and contextualizing and patiently progressing very much like those who work overseas.

But even if you’ve shared that idea with your supporters, your overseers, your fellow staff members, and your family… have you offered that vision to your students? Do they see you as the leader of a very important, world-changing mission? Do they see you as a missionary, in ways that get them excited to join that mission?

A little term of two prepositions in my title – the phrase “in on” – actually has two meanings. And our students should be “in on” our mission in both ways:

  • They should know about it, understand it. They should be slowly-but-surely adopting the very same passion you have for that mission, just as you’ve (hopefully) helped supporters or overseers catch the vision for what you’re doing.
  • But your students should also adopt your mission as their own. They should be “in on” your mission as radical parts of it. They should increasingly see themselves as “missionaries to their own campuses” – or more exactly, see themselves as indigenous leaders raised up from the population who “return” to impact others.

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