events, pre-planned and resource-free

Yesterday, I wrote a brief post on easy ways to engage your students (and students outside your ministry) around Easter. The first one out of the gate was:

Round up your students to participate in something a local church (or other college ministry!) is doing (like a special worship service, a seminar, a family event, etc.).

That’s an idea I feel college ministries should be far more interested in, year-round. If you’re on a campus with a lot of ministries, and especially if you’re in a town with a few bigger churches, the year’s calendar is likely populated with several events that would impact your students positively.

I realize this gets tricky when it’s not your collegiate ministry, or not your church. And sometimes it makes sense not to “merge” in this way, even for one event.

But sometimes it might make sense.

I think the bigger obstacle – for many of us, at least – is that we simply aren’t attentive to what other Christian organizations are offering. A church may have a really strong Evangelism training series… if so, why construct your own? Another church might have a great concert coming up. Why not share that with your students? A campus ministry might hold a special event around the topic of Hunger; who says you can’t join in?

I imagine this would be an easy enough “ongoing project” to put a student on: Find great events around town for our students to jump into. And you get to impact your students without planning and without resources. Bonus!

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