it’s still the season

It’s pretty interesting that both Easter and Christmas, such important moments for churches and for Christendom, are often particularly uneventful times for collegiate ministry. Students might go home over the weekend, for one thing. And many of us don’t meet on the weekend anyway; a “Tuesday night Easter service” doesn’t seem all that urgent. And even in church-based college ministries that meet on Sunday, students might be thinking more about family lunch than about their normal routine.

But I think we have to remember that for many students, these Easter season is still a time when interest in “religion” is piqued:

  • Some students feel like they “should” be going to church or doing something “religious.”
  • Some local churches in your town are advertising or otherwise reminding everybody that it’s Easter.
  • Some students will be antagonistic toward the whole thing.
  • And some students, seeing themselves as culturally curious, are intrigued by this “vintage” holiday with its ancient story.

In any case, we have opportunities this week. And what’s more, our individual students have opportunities this week. Have you challenged your students to be on the lookout? Are they ready to share the story in a winsome and interesting way? Are they ready to point staying-in-town students to solid, local churches for this Sunday (even if you’re a campus-based ministry)?

If our students aren’t ready for the week, they should be. This week provides opportunity for natural dialogue in a way few other weeks do, and you never know when a question like “Does your family celebrate Easter?” could turn into a powerful conversation.

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