wanna have fun

Our church held its twice-a-year all-staff Play Day yesterday, and it just reminded me of how important fun is to maintaining a thriving ministry. And that applies to college ministry, too – even if it’s so “natural” to have fun in a collegiate setting that we think we don’t need to plan for it.

The trouble is, we might not be right about that. It’s easy to have “purposeful fun” at the beginning of a school year, when it’s got a recruiting aim. But what have you actually done lately simply to help your students have a good time – and to have a good time with your students?

Certainly, some college ministries have focused here; they build “fun” into their calendar year-round and excel at the campus parties and other social activities they pursue. But for the rest of us, a few questions:

  • Are your students always having fun without you (and other staff or adult volunteers)? Having fun with your students should be part of the schedule.
  • Are you willing to hold an event focused solely or at least primarily on having fun? Too often, we only have fun when it’s part of something else – a recruiting event, the tail end of a mission trip, etc.. It’s okay to have a one-purpose event sometimes, and it’s okay for that purpose to be having fun together.
  • What’s your personal theology of fun? (Yes, I’m serious.) How does that translate to the way you do college ministry?


  1. One of the best things we started a few years ago was our Annual Spring Picnic. Free lunch for our students, but they get to play aruond our adult leaders and families. Sometimes it’s like Field Day in elementary school or flag football, etc. Just a relaxing time outside of Sunday mornings.

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