recruit… now?

This is something I’ve posted before (with some edits), but it’s a crazy thought for this moment in the school year – “so crazy it just might work”!

How hard are you recruiting students these days? Below, some of the reasons you should consider recruiting, right here at the end of the semester:

  1. It focuses on students becoming part of our group, rather than simply taking part in our events. Without an upcoming event or the start-of-semester hubbub to focus on, we get to highlight the community we simply offer, week after week.
  2. Some students feel the need for new spiritual involvement now, at the end of a long semester. If you offer that sort of involvement now (rater than simply in August), you’re meeting the need some students are feeling now.
  3. It doubles their exposure to your college ministry (if you plan to recruit when they return).
  4. It increases word-of-mouth. Before airing their first season, Glee famously used this strategy by airing their first episode right before a long pause for Summer Break – and it worked! Offer students good reasons to be excited for involvement next semester, and even if they don’t jump in now, they’ll be primed for joining in the fall.
  5. There’s more “room” for your group to make an impression. When students come back to school, your college ministry will be competing with dozens of other organizations, Christian and otherwise. Right now, your voice will be heard!
  6. It improves your summertime group. New students now may just be sticking around this summer; if they do, you’re building up that group with some “new blood.”
  7. It might serve as a spiritual anchor during the Break. Even if students don’t stick around, God just might use the expectation of spiritual involvement to encourage students spiritually across the long Summer Break. And if they’ve developed some connections (including with a college minister), they’ve got opportunities for long-distance discipleship during the summer, too.
  8. You have the time (perhaps). I know the closing days of a semester – especially Finals Week – can often provide a little more time-elasticity for campus ministers. Recruiting might be a great way to use your time before you cross the finish line!

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