one-offs (a fridea)

A quick Fridea, and simply springboarding from various goings-on in my own life and ministry…

Sometimes it’s just helpful to think through teaching topics for our students that are outside the norms. How often do you simply teach simply because it’s something they might need, not because you can make a series out of it, and not because it will be a big draw for students?

The following topics have come up in my life, in one shape or another, over the past month. And each of them will be faced by your students at some point, I’d imagine.

  • Modern Judaism and encountering Jews
  • Budgeting
  • “Not many of you should presume to be teachers” (James 3:1)
  • Serving adults with special needs (including those who are high-functioning)
  • Helping someone who doubts their salvation
  • Dealing with life and maintaining a spiritual walk when your schedule gets a little overwhelming

These may not be the topics for your students or for such a time as this. But I bet there are “one-off” topics your students need… and maybe even ones God’s brought into your own life lately!

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