another leader for your quiver

Whether you’re a church-based college minister or not, you have access not only to the leaders of your church home, but those in all the other churches in your town.

And one group of leaders that could particularly impact many of your students is the Executive Pastors.

“EP”s feel like relatively new high-profile church leaders, but I love that numerous churches out there have seen fit to bring on a “churchwide strategist,” which seems to be the role many of them play.

And while there may be few (if any) of your students who will ever provide that role for a church, there are many of your students who are wired by God for strategy, project management, leading alongside (rather than from out front), serving behind the scenes, or some of the other ways Exec Pastors traditionally serve.

Not only that, but other students may need to learn from an Exec Pastor’s strengths – which may very well include things like time management, self-management, and leadership.

Of course I’m generalizing. And maybe you recognize that you yourself have more of an “Executive Pastor slant” than a slant toward the visionary-charismatic-whatever. (A lot of College Ministers are the former, by the way.) But I think it’s good for us to look among the church leaders in our town for potential teachers, mentors, and role models.

And who knows? For some student in your ministry, the encounter might just awaken them to an amazing call for future ministry themselves.

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