noticing and responding

When we’re looking at new initiatives for our college ministries, I think we’re likely to err in a couple of ways:

  • We’re too quick to follow our passions or the kinds of ministry we’re accustomed to
  • We’re too slow to notice new possibilities for ministry based on whom God brings into our ministry’s path

Everyone’s different, so I’m sure many of us err in the opposite ways! But I’ve just been thinking a lot about the second one, and the opportunities that might be right under our noses.

Do you know your ministry well enough to know WHO God has brought your way? Maybe it’s a lot of students who became Christians in the last few years. Maybe it’s a bunch of girls who all love in the same dorm.

Even trickier: Is there any way to find out who God has placed in your students’ lives? Are a number of them finding opportunities to build relationships with international students? Are your students pledging fraternities, or are several living in one apartment complex off-campus?

The goal here is to watch for what God might be “up to” through who He brings our way… and to train our students to watch for it, too. Our best response to any of it will vary (we don’t necessarily need to start a new program for every new niche we discover), but hopefully, we’re noticing at all.

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