before they’re issues (a teaching fridea)

A Young Adult Ministry in town – “The Porch” – recently did a Dating & Marriage series, and they (bravely) spent one of the messages discussing Divorce and Remarriage. The response was, as you might guess, mixed. Their crowd of 3,000 young adults, spanning from non-Christians to longtime Jesus-followers, from mid-college to late-thirties brings not only a variety of theologies to the matter, but also lots of experiences that make it harder for them to study these issues objectively.

So that brings us to this week’s Fridea, about more than just these topics. Spend time training students in some topics that haven’t hit them yet.

How much easier would it be if numerous Young Adults in Dallas had already worked through their theology of Divorce and their theology of Remarriage? Would some of them still have struggled in this area? Sure. But others would have avoided sin, pain, and other harm.

What else might fit here? A quick brainstorm, but feel free to add to it:

  • Facing grief (most of your students haven’t faced this much)
  • Dealing with the consequences of really bad decisions
  • Budgeting and other financial matters (including Giving)
  • Using singleness well, even if it lasts another decade or more
  • Making (good) friends, when it isn’t quite so easy
  • Choosing a career, and being great employees (and even being great bosses)
  • Choosing and plugging into a church, even if it doesn’t cater to you
  • Choosing a city and area to live, based on more than just employment

What else can you think of?

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