rooting for T-shirts?

shirtgames2I found myself on Saturday and Sunday rooting for teams to make the NCAA Tournament based on whether or not I’d visited the campus. (And usually that means I’ll have their T-shirt, too.) That meant I even rooted for teams whose wins allowed other schools I’d explored to make the Tournament. (You can see my list of mostly long-shots – which didn’t fare very well – on the left.)

But the point of sharing this is to remind you just how exciting our collegiate world can be. Not just our collegiate ministry world, but the mission fields themselves, the college campuses.

One big reason I get excited when schools I’ve visited make the NCAA Tournament is because I’ve seen them. They’re awesome places. I know what the great big Student Center at Delaware looks like. I remember that interesting statue at Xavier, and the below-ground-level stadium at Cincy. I spent a good amount of time at snowy North Dakota State, loved exploring the expansive Michigan campus, and saw Tim Keller speak during one of my several visits to Stanford.

If you’re at all interested in continuing long-term as a college minister, one of the best ways to let God tune your heart is to see campuses. These are incredibly fascinating places, each with its own character, its own student makeup, and its own reasons to root for its team. It’s a lot more fun for me to have indecision about rooting for Pitt or Colorado – because both of their campuses are fascinating – than “never to have loved at all.”

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