send them out strongly (two frideas, at least)

To end the week of vintage ideas that work well between now and graduation, two things to plan for the very, very end of the semester. But these two are just meant to get you thinking: Consider planning your own great ways of sending students strongly into the summer!

Minister at graduation.

How is your ministry intersecting with graduation at your campus?

Why do college ministries often stand aloof from this incredibly important event in the life of their campus tribe? Everybody’s graduation season and festivities work differently, so it’s up to you to figure out how this might work!

But here are some themes, audiences, and other graduation-related aspects that might make good fodder as you brainstorm this one…

  • service to the crowds
  • parents
  • helping the school achieve its goals
  • serving professors after a long spring of teaching
  • concessions
  • fundraising
  • senior send-off
  • helps (spoken or written) for making the transition to the real world
  • serving those in your ministry or outside your ministry
  • a booth!
  • offering teasers for the upcoming year
  • teaching about celebration
  • celebrating

Caring and Cars

A few springs ago, after the annual “pollen plague” hit their region of South Carolina, the Campus Ministries at Anderson University offered a campus-wide car wash – and apparently this small act of much-needed charity went over really well.

Your campus may not have a preposterous plethora of pollen spores (although if you do, then there’s a bonus Fridea!). But this project reminded me of a service that will almost definitely apply to your school as the semester winds down.

That idea? Offer automobile “check-ups” for students who have to drive a long way to get home.

I’ve seen groups do this; in the example I’m remembering, I think a bunch of guys did this for any female student who wanted it. But it could easily apply to anybody’s car.

Fluid levels, oil check, battery check (you’ll need a device), air filter… I don’t know how far you’d want to take this, but some of that is pretty easy for the person who knows what they’re doing. And even the stuff that isn’t easy might be an awesome way for certain guys (or ladies!) in your ministry to use their specific knowledge and skills to serve others in a way that is truly important – an encouragement to them and the people they serve.

Easy enough, right? But it’s also easy to envision a line of cars stretching back a ways… students waiting happily for your extra service… your ministry making some great friends during Finals Week or as students head out of town.

Thanks to my dad, Mark Hines, for letting me know about the Anderson University project!

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