after spring break, light your hair on fire

Since many are on Spring Break this week, I’ll be re-posting (with updates!) some unique posts that should be valuable as we hit the home stretch on this school year!

It’s easy to let things wind down after Spring Break. For those of you not on the Quarter System, the next six weeks or so can be the least “memorable” of the year. And even if we truly finish strongly, we’re probably still generally in finish mode.

But what if… we weren’t? I once read a Seth Godin post that got me thinking about this very thing. Here’s how it begins:

In the US, the next two weeks [of late August] are traditionally the slowest of the year. … What if you and your team went against type? What if you spend the two weeks while your competition (and the forces for the status quo) are snoozing–and turn it into a completed project?

So, here’s the challenge: Assemble your team (it might be just you) on Monday and focus like your hair is on fire…

Of course, spending the time after Spring Break simply finishing strongly could be your most important focus. But have you at least considered doing something different during that time?

What if instead of winding down after Spring Break, you went for broke? What if you worked extra hard and did something BIG during these excellent, beautiful spring weeks, when everybody else – all those campus organizations, all those other ministries, all those students – are somewhat coasting or distracted or simply bored? What if you worked like your hair was on fire, until at last, bleeding and breathless, you collapsed into the glorious Summer Break? What if?

Do you want students to be especially prepared to follow Jesus in the summer months? Create some especially intentional preparation that won’t dissolve with the last Final Exam.

Do you want students in your ministry to get excited about next school year? Create something memorable when nobody else will.

Want outsiders to consider your ministry in the Fall? Create something remarkable – “buzz-worthy” – when nobody else is.

What’s stopping you from doing something rather creative, rather impactful between now and Graduation?

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