spot-check (a fridea)

Every once in a while, I take a moment on the blog to urge us to revisit the planning process. Far too often, we use the summer to plan an entire school year, forgetting that so much changes between August and December – let alone August and May!

So this week’s Fridea is simple:

Spend time discerning how your ministry would look after Spring Break – if you had to plan from scratch right now. If you were forced to rebuild on this campus at this moment, what would you do?

Has the “complexion” of your group changed since August? Now’s your chance to teach those students, not the students of yester-semester.

Are you at the point where experimenting with some new methods might pay off for the fall? Now’s your chance to try a few things.

Has a major issue arisen within your group or on campus? Now’s your chance to replace the upcoming series with a more timely, prophetic one.

Are your small groups getting too big, or your big events getting a little small? Why wait to adjust for maximum impact?

Have new leaders arisen, or are core students clamoring for the chance to impact in particular ways? Why do all our leadership positions and service opportunities need to start when a semester starts?

If there’s anything individual “missions among the campus tribes” need to be, it’s nimble. We have four to five years – max – with each of these students, at perhaps the most significant, life-altering juncture of their lives, in locations that rapidly change themselves. If we’re only tweaking (or at least auditing) our approach three times in that “lifespan” of a college students, we’re missing impact we could have.

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