what’s your process plan for post-spring break?

Since many college ministries have Spring Break events coming up in March, I thought I’d post something I first wrote last year around this time. This is to think about now – for after the mission trip or ski trip or beach retreat or other big event.

Have you designed a process to follow your Spring Break “event”?

Even a ski trip can be followed by a process. Even if your college ministry’s Spring Break is focused on community-building and fun, there can be some sort of a process to follow… to deepen the community that develops. To jump off on some spiritual themes that arise during the trip. To have a reunion, or hold a “debrief” of the conversations that occur along the way.

Of course, this need for a follow-up process is all the more obvious when you’ve gone on a mission trip, sent students off to serve, etc..

The point is: A process makes the event MATTER far more. This is something I learned from Tim Elmore long ago. Far too many “mountaintop experiences” without lasting fruit dot the landscape of your students’ testimonies since junior high: You have the chance to break that cycle, to do something different, to provide something awesome with less of an expiration date and more of a chance for impact to gain roots.

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