calls beyond the ministry’s walls

We’re looking at the possibility of distributing a “Call for Art” among our church’s membership, tied to an outreach focus we’ll hold in a few months. Targeted to the artists in our body, we’ll be seeking anything that better helps “tell the story” of Poverty in an artistic way.

On a related note (I’ll share the relation in a sec), Jimmy Fallon has a habit of introducing Twitter hashtags – things like #awkwarddate – that end up trending worldwide within minutes or hours. Of course, the trending means that lots of people participate without having first seen it on Fallon’s show.

How do these things relate to us? They’re two examples of ways we could engage our entire campus, well beyond the bounds of our own ministry and its students.

Have you ever thought about having an Art Exhibit around a particular cause? Have you ever started a topic that trends on your campus?

What about holding a one-time seminar that brings in people who don’t usually darken your doors? Establishing an intramural team or two… or starting a game of your own on campus? Super Bowl party? “Alternative Spring Break” offering that invites anyone who wants to come? Textbook store? Big party? A fantastic spot to study (and take breaks) during finals week? Bus rides to the big game across the state?

What would work at YOUR campus… even if it wouldn’t work at anyone else’s?

There can be great value in engaging your campus in one-off opportunities. Plenty of students still haven’t heard of your ministry, and others aren’t interested because they don’t have a lot of reason to be… yet. One dose of connection with your ministry can go a long way – not to mention how God might use a few connections to your students and leaders.

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